President Obama is a thoughtless giftgiver

March 21, 2009

According to the USA Today, Obama’s famous gift to visiting UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown was not only kind of cheap and underwhelming, but actually technologically inept too.

Prime Minister Brown gave a very thoughful penholder that had ties to Obama’s place in history as the first black president (it was made out of the timber of the HMS Gannet, the sister ship to the HMS Resolute that provides the material for the desk that adorns the oval office. The Gannet also served as an anti-slavery ship off Africa.  A more thoughtful gift one would be hard-pressed to conceive).

The US President responded with what would have been merely a hoaky, afterthought of a generic gift (25 American DVDs) had it not been for a minor overlooked detail:  UK DVD players cannot play Region 1 coded America discs.  That, and I’d think the Prime Minister probably has BluRay by now.

So Obama gave Gordon Brown absolutely nothing, unless Prime Minister Brown decides to go with a not-so-legal region-free player, I suppose.  Or watches them in a hotel room the next time he visits Canada or the USA.

With the AIG bonus debacle, increased forces in Afghanistan, an economy continuing to flounder, and now these inept gestures on the world stage, does Obama seem all that different from George W. Bush?

… and the cow goes moo

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One Response to “President Obama is a thoughtless giftgiver”

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