Is it possible to wear glasses for a passport picture?

Whenever you are ready to take a passport photograph, this is actually pretty much essential and vital for you to keep a number of things in your mind. Basically, passport photography is not like other different types of photography. You are required to follow a number of rules while taking a passport photograph for you. Because this type of photo will be used officially, may be at your work place and of course in your passport at the same time. Therefore, you have to be very sincere about taking a passport photo.

However, one thing I have seen that a lot of people often ask whether they will be able to wear glasses at the time of capturing passport photo. The answer is NO actually. You have to take your glasses while capturing photos. But if you are really not able to remove glasses due to medical reasons, then you will be required to submit a signed statement from your doctor with the passport application you have.

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